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Frequently asked questions about Danish higher education and study programmes

How do I apply?

We recommend that you contact the Admissions Office at the institution where you wish to study. For each programme description in the study section of this site, you will find a link to the higher education institutions, where you can apply for the programme in question.

What is a Diploma Supplement?

It is mandatory for Danish higher education institutions to issue a Diploma Supplement in English to all students obtaining a Danish degree. The supplement is issued automatically and free of charge.

The Diploma Supplements is issued along with your higher education diploma. It follows a format that makes it easier to compare your diploma internationally. The Diploma Supplement gives information on the nature, level, context, content and status of your academic qualifications.

The Diploma Supplement includes a description of the Danish higher education system.

Useful resources

Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation: Diploma Supplement
European Commission - The Diploma Supplement

What does ECTS mean?

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a method of measuring your study programme as academic currency. ECTS is used all over Europe and enables you to easily compare study programmes and transfer your academic qualifications from one educational institution to another.

The use of ECTS points is compulsory in higher education in Europe. All Danish higher education programmes are described according to ECTS as a system for both credit transfer and academic credit accumulation towards the final degree.

Useful resources

European Commission - About ECTS

Where can I study in Danish?

A list of higher education programmes taught in Danish is available at Uddannelsesguiden

What types of courses, degrees and study programmes can I study in Denmark?

A list of programmes taught in English can be found in the study section of this site

Which types of PhD opportunities are there in Denmark?

Please refer to the PhD section of the Study in Denmark site

How do I obtain a Visa?

To get your Visa please consult the Visa-guidelines in our section about Permits, Visas and Red Tape

What types of Scholarship can I obtain as a student in Denmark?

Danish Universities offer a limited number of scholarships that may be applied during the application process for a study programme

Where can I ask my questions?

You can ask your questions and join discussions at the Study in Denmark facebook page