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Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA)

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Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) offers international AP degree programmes within Computer Science, Design Technology, IT Technology, and Multimedia Design & Communications in addition to Bachelor degree programmes within Architectural Technology & Construction Management, Economics & IT, and Jewellery, Technology & Business. In addition, there are Bachelor study programmes in E-Concept Development, Design & Business, Software Development and Web Development.

All study programmes are developed in close partnership with businesses to ensure students gain insight into real-life situations and industry needs. Tuition is project based and businesses take active part in evaluating student skills. An internship placement (of a minimum duration of 10 weeks) is mandatory, allowing students to test their knowledge and skills in a real-world work environment.

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Copenhagen School of Design and Technoloy
Ryesgade 3F, 4. sal
2200 København N

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