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Dania - Academy of Higher Education

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Dania - Academy of Higher Education

Dania - Academy of Higher Education offers international AP and Bachelor study programmes taught in English. Located in the towns of Randers and Viborg, the academy employs over 100 full-time members of staff who welcome more than 700 new students annually.

The academy prides itself of excellent study facilities, an international environment and its team of highly qualified and committed teachers. The academy nurtures strong ties with regional, national and international businesses, which are also involved in developing the study programmes. Through casework, company visits and a three-months internship placement, students gain valuable, real-world experience that offers them the best possible career start.

The towns of Randers and Viborg are located in the heart of Denmark, offering a vibrant social and cultural life. The efficient transport infrastructure gives students easy access to every part of Denmark.

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Dania - Academy of Higher Education
Minervavej 63
8960 Randers SØ
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