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Exchange programmes

Students who are already enrolled at a higher education institution in their country of residence can study in Denmark as an exchange student

To study in Denmark as an exchange student you must already be enrolled at a higher education institution in your country of residence. Generally, exchange students come to Denmark through the Erasmus programme or other programmes offered by governmental bilateral agreement.

We advise you to contact your own educational institution first to find out more. However, if you don' find help there, please contact the international office of the Danish institution where you wish to study.

Below are examples of some of the exchange programmes offered at Danish institutions. The list is by no means complete. For a full list please visit the individual institutions' websites.

Education and Social Studies


Film and Transmedia Storytelling

Nutrition and Health Studies

Construction and Engineering Studies

Business and Communication Studies

Danish Institute for Study Abroad, DIS

    Exchange programmes listed for individual institutions

    Programmes taught in Danish

    This website provides information on programmes and courses taught in English at Danish higher education institutions. If you wish to enroll in a Danish-taught programme you will need to prove a satisfactory level of Danish language proficiency

    International schools in Denmark

    The Danish Ministry for Children and Education provides information on international primary and lower secondary schools and international upper secondary schools in Denmark. The latter offer the International Baccalaureate which gives access to higher education in Denmark and abroad