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Summer Schools in Denmark

Attend a Danish summer school with other students from around the world


Danish Summer Schools - taught in English

International students have a host of opportunities to attend Summer Schools in English at Danish higher education institutions. The programmes give you an opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills in and outside of your usual area of study and a chance to work with Danish and international students.

Courses are offered at various levels and within vaious fields of specialization 

Please find a list of the offered Summer Schools and Universities through the's Study Engine
Summer Schools

Summerschools -People with flags

Programmes taught in Danish

This website provides information on programmes and courses taught in English at Danish higher education institutions. If you wish to enroll in a Danish-taught programme you will need to prove a satisfactory level of Danish language proficiency

International schools in Denmark

The Danish Ministry for Children and Education provides information on international primary and lower secondary schools and international upper secondary schools in Denmark. The latter offer the International Baccalaureate which gives access to higher education in Denmark and abroad

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