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“We have amazing facilities”

The labs in campus and the way of learning have impressed Iveth Romero and Fernando Montero from Ecuador. They both study a master in Oil and Gas Technology at Aalborg University in Esbjerg.

“Problem-based learning is the key to know how to solve problems in the real world.”

Iveth Romero and Fernando Montero, a couple from Ecuador, are studying Oil and Gas Technology, Chemical Engineering at Aalborg University in Esbjerg. One of the strong points of the education is, how the students learn.

“It is important that what we learn, can be used at work,” Fernando says.

In problem-based learning the students have to find solutions to a problem. Really, the solutions are not the most important part of the learning. It is all about exchanging knowledge with the other students, collaborating in groups and communicating with each other in a constructive way. Furthermore, the university collaborates with the local industry, so the students meet the challenges in the industry face to face.

This type of learning was an important factor for Iveth and Fernando, as they already have a BA in Chemical Engineering from the National Polytechnic School in Quito. As they have both worked in the oil and gas industry, they appreciate combining the practical aspects with theory about oil and gas.

“The level of the education is very high here,” Iveth and Fernando say.
This also means studying intensively. The students often have to plan their own time, doing projects in a group. But there is still a deadline.


Open 24/7

Campus is open to students at all times.

“We can come here in the evening or weekends. We can book a meeting room or use the library,” Iveth says.

The couple often study in the library, where they can make use of scientific literature and computers.

“Also, we have a great laboratory for oil and gas, and that means we can see and use the equipment,” Iveth says.

In Ecuador, a BA programme in chemical engineering entails 10 semesters of study.

“It is impressive what we learn here in only 4 semesters,” Fernando says.

“There is always guidance from the teachers. You are never lost, because there is a flat structure between teachers and students,” Iveth says.

Comparing programmes

When Iveth and Fernando started looking for master programmes dedicated to oil and gas technology, they came across the programme in Esbjerg. 
“We compared the programmes from different universities,” Iveth says.

The criteria were clear. It had to be a programme with a high degree of specialization in oil and gas. They wanted it to be in the EU . And the university has to be on the list that the Ecuadorian authorities accept. 

“We have been granted a scholarship from Ecuador, and that meant that we could only chose between universities that were on the official list,” Iveth says.

The scholarship pays for both tuition and living expenses. In return, the couple have to work for four years in Ecuador, when they have finished their studies.


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