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Alina from Cuba, Interaction Design

Alina, Master Degree Student of Interaction Design at Kolding School of Design.

Subject: Master’s degree student, interaction design
Country: Cuba ( former student at London College of Fashion )

What I love about Kolding School of Design is that the human element is always at the centre. The infrastructure of the place is alive and creative, and the atmosphere is one of mutual respect. The faculty is just brilliant. Professionally and personally, we’re treated as individuals and this allows us to grow and develop.

What do you like the most about studying in Denmark - academically?

The key principle of teaching is freedom with responsibility. The school may be small compared to others, but it is so big in terms of human interaction, skill, and dedication. I believe this is linked to the actual space and the facilities as well. It is all very open and inspiring. And there is always easy access to all the workshops and machines and they are free; you don’t have to be on a waiting list for weeks to use a laser-cutter for instance. It’s all very well organised.

Another aspect that I find appealing is that the school doesn’t seem to need to advertise its dedication to sustainability, social inclusion, and cultural diversity; it’s simply inherent and I find this very sympathetic. The entire atmosphere of the school influences your design process in a positive way”.

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