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Claudia from Mexico, Market Economics


Subject: Market economics diploma, 2 years.
Age: 30
Country: Mexico
Scholarship: Scholarship for 5/6 of the tuition fee.

Why did you choose to study in Denmark?

I wanted to try to live abroad for a couple of years, so I decided to go to Denmark as an au pair. I worked for a Mexican/Danish family for two years. Then I met my boyfriend, who is British, but works in Denmark. We met at the courses we took in the Danish language. I decided that I wanted to stay in Denmark, and therefore I started studying. I am actually a lawyer with a degree from a university in Mexico, but in order to get to work here, I need a Danish education. I had heard a lot of good things about the programme in market economics through a friend of mine. So I applied and got accepted. I even got a scholarship, which means that I only have to pay 10.000 DKK a year instead of 63.000 DKK.

What do you like the most about studying in Denmark - academically?

I like the informal relationship between teachers and students and that open discussions are valued. I also very much appreciate the high level of education, and I find it very positive that it is everyone's own responsibility to attend the lessons. There is a very good atmosphere in the classes, and the things we learn are up to date and really useful for a business career. I hope to get a job in Denmark once I have graduated next year.

What do you like the most about studying in Denmark - socially?

I feel very lucky because I am in a very good international class. There are a lot of students from Latin America and also some from Canada, Africa and Asia. It is very interesting to experience all the different cultures – and people are really nice and friendly. We do a lot of team work, people are good at sharing information and at helping each other. The only disadvantage is that I don't get to meet a lot of Danish people.

What don't you like about studying in Denmark?

There isn't really anything that I don't like about studying in Denmark. The only complaint I have is that I have to pay a tuition fee, whereas people from the EU countries do not. This system disadvantages students from outside the EU/EEA.

What do you like most about Denmark?

I like that you can walk in the streets without being scared. Kids can walk alone and you do not have to worry about theft or attacks. Copenhagen, even though it is a capital, is a very safe city. I also like the transport system. It is very efficient, and clean. It allows you to plan a journey and arrive on time – because delays are rare.

What don't you like about Denmark?

When I first thought of going to Denmark, part of my motivation was to get to know a different culture from the inside, to meet Danish people and get to speak another language. But I find it difficult to meet Danish people. My boyfriend and I have many friends, but most of them are international. It is often mixed couples, where one is Danish and the other is from some other country. But it is difficult to get to know Danish people, because you can't meet them in the streets like you can in Mexico. In Denmark, you have to be in a social context, and it is hard to get into those social circles. Another thing is that it is very expensive. I was surprised about food being so expensive. At first I thought “How am I going to survive in Denmark?”. I think the quality of life is really great here, but it costs a lot.

What surprised you most about Denmark?

The impact of the weather on people's behaviour surprised me a lot. In the summertime people are generally very friendly, outgoing and happy. They go out a lot and socialise. In the wintertime on the other hand, people do not speak much to each other and they seem a lot more reserved. They are just focused on going home and light candles.

Another thing that surprised me is the mentality of the Danes. People are extremely focused. If they plan to do something, they achieve it. It is actually very impressive, but it has both positive and negative consequences. The negative being that everything outside the area of attention is considered disturbing or irrelevant.

Where do you live?

I live in a nice house with my boyfriend in Skovlunde.

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