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Dajana from Macedonia, Media Technology


Born: 23/09/1984
Field of study and education institution:  Master's in Media Technology and Games, IT University Copenhagen
Nationality: Macedonian

Why did you choose to study in Denmark?
I am an adventurous and ambitious person by nature and I always wanted to learn, socialise and network with people from other countries. Therefore, while attending high school in Macedonia I was involved in several international research and social projects.

One of the projects I worked on gave me the opportunity to meet students and professors from Denmark, who became very good friends of mine. At that point I had already decided that I wanted to study abroad and I was in the stage of looking for good universities that offer scholarships or free studies for foreign students. It was my Danish friends that informed me about Denmark and the Danish education system and suggested to apply to some of the Danish universities.

Overall, the information that caught my interest and made me decide to take my education in Denmark, was the positive description of student life, the international atmosphere, up to date programmes and free education.

What do you like the most about studying in Denmark?
There are a lot of things that I like about studying in Denmark. For example, the universities are up to date with their curriculum and their study facilities. It is also great that study facilities, computers etc. are fully available to the students, which made my study period both better and cheaper.

Another important and interesting thing to me is that my study programmes are taught in English and are followed by Danish and international students. The courses often have an assignment , which has to be done through team work and that can be a great experience, both academically and socially, in my opinion.

It can be very hard to integrate and make friends in Denmark. Therefore I really like that the universities have their own student bars, run by students volunteering every Friday, serve cheap drinks and organise events with the purpose of bringing the students together and make the process of socialising easier. I like this concept very much and enjoy getting involved in these events. Also, living in a hall of residence has really helped me to make friends and integrate in the Danish lifestyle easier than I expected.

What don't you like about studying in Denmark?
Well, there is nothing in particular that I don’t like about studying in Denmark.

What do you like most about Denmark and the Danes?
I like that Denmark is a safe, wealthy and modern country, especially when it comes to design and technology. When it comes to professional and student life it offers lots of opportunities.

Another thing that I like is the summer in Denmark. It is the time of the year when the weather is good and the Danes enjoy spending their days sunbathing, eating outside, spending time with friends etc. That is definitely the time when Denmark and the Danes are very open and social.

Most Danes, especially the young people, speak good English, which makes the communication easy and made me feel welcome. Danes are also very friendly and most important; when you get to know them better they are true friends.

And lastly, I shouldn’t forget to mention Roskilde Festival, it is a huge festival with great music and happy friendly people.

What don't you like about Denmark and the Danes?
Most of the time the weather in Denmark resembles autumn and winter, the days are short, cold, windy and rainy. Those days can easily become very boring and tiring.

I also think that the Danish politics towards foreigners, who do not come from the EU countries, are too rough. In my opinion there are too many procedures and documents that have to be enclosed and checked in order to approve a student visa and it takes too long to finally issue the visa.

Tell us about your best experience in Denmark
Studying in Denmark has been and still is a great experience for me. I really cannot choose one experience so I will briefly mention a few.

I have some very funny and happy moments from the ITU student bar, called Scrollbar, that I will remember. Together with other university students, most of them also games students, I am volunteering in the Scrollbar. Inspired from our studies, we organised both Super Mario and Final Fantasy game parties with theme outfits and drinks. The parties were very successful and great fun and we ended up creating websites with photos and drinks recipes and got the attention of the international gaming community. 

Check out their website or Facebook page to see what they might have planned next.

Another great experience was my participation in Game Jam 2008. Game Jam is a game development event where game developers (professionals and students) as well as amateurs gather once a year to create teams and make games in one weekend. On this event I joined a group with some of my very good friends and fellow students at the university.

And finally, I would like to mention another experience I have had in Denmark, which is falling seriously in love for the first time.

Do you have any advice on Danish student life in general?
Student life can be poor because Denmark is an expensive country, but it is rich, too. Denmark is a country with lots of opportunities for students in terms of study activities, jobs, internships and etc. I would definitely recommend Denmark, especially Copenhagen, as a place to study for adventurous people who are open to other cultures. I would also advise international students to live in halls of residence - they will experience some unforgettable moments.

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