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Filip from Poland, Tourism


Born: In eighties
Field of study and education institution: Tourism & Hospitality Management, Danish Business Academy Minerva
Nationality: Polish

Why did you choose to study in Denmark?

In fact, I always knew I would study abroad. Passion for traveling, interest in culture, especially languages and love to adventures must have been the reasons that made me think this way. The great experience of my father, who graduated an university abroad was also influential.

However, I considered going to Germany for longer period. I changed my mind to Denmark after I met one former student of my present academy at a educational fair. I have to admit, this decision was after all quite intuitive, but I would mention that the excellent conditions of the state economically as well as practical and individual approach to the education as main aspects to have convinced me.

What do you like most about studying in Denmark?

Between many issues, I really appreciate the complex plan of my AP Programme studies. The subjects, projects and internship build up one another in a very logical way. My Tourism & Hospitality Management program starts with the training of basic research skills and general understanding of tourism market in macro format. The course gets more detailed and concentrated on micro level from the third semester on, based on the student’s work placement experiences.
Top-up studies, which lead to Bachelor Degree, can be continued on another university, also outside Denmark. From my point of view, it is a gateway to meeting new situations, people and opinions. Business studies should indeed prepare to changeable, international conditions of modern market!

What don't you like about studying in Denmark?

The system of student grants and scholarships, in my opinion, could be improved. Generally speaking all danish students get the same financial help, in form of a monthly allowance, while access to any support for other international students from EU is very narrow. I believe, scholarships based on learning results and engagement in university life, but not dependent on nationality, could be much more motivating and honest for everyone.

What do you like most about Denmark and the Danes?

There is no better word to describe Denmark than “hyggelig”. Everything is close, local, traditional, and safe. I like the language and history, beginning with Viking times. The urban architecture and landscapes can be really breathtaking. It is a country of great style, simplicity, functionality and quality. Everything is for and about the people here.  
Danish people are very creative and always aim to be perfect.They love to discuss, are open-minded and tolerant but also have a strong national identity.” I have met many Danes worth admiring.

Last but not at least, the longer I am in Denmark the more I tend to believe, all the most beautiful women come from here!

What don't you like about Denmark and the Danes?

I am a bit disappointed with the eating patterns in Jutland. It is quite surprising how many people here consider hot-dogs to be traditionally Danish and enjoy them. I would be really glad to have a better access to for example fresh fish in Randers.

Tell us about your best experience in Denmark

The very best experience I had during my studies in Denmark until now actually took place in Norway. In winter I participated, in an inter-Nordic tourism course funded by the NORDPLUS programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The focus of the course was on Geo-tourism: Tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place.
It an incredibly exciting experience to learn this topic on real cases in very authentic conditions, but also a great chance to have discussion with tourism students from different countries and to see the amazing nordic landscapes.

Do you have some advice on Danish student life in general?

At the end of a day, it pretty much depends on you, what your student experience in Denmark is like. Of course, the conditions are great (facilities, research possibilities), but it is up to you, how well you adapt to them.
My general advices would be to be sure, what you want to reach by studying, ask questions and learn to cooperate as fast as possible.

Have you got a personal webpage or a blog which you would like to be added to your testimonial?

No, but I’m considering to start posting on one blog soon. I will get back to you if the idea succeed.

Any other links that you would like to share with other potential students?

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