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Video testimonials

VIDEO: Study in Denmark - in the heart of Scandinavia (trailer)
We invite you to come study in Denmark and pursue a quality education in a friendly, safe and innovation-driven environment
VIDEO: Alex from England, Law
Alex studies law at Copenhagen University. He lives in a hall of recidence and enjoys the close interaction with other students
VIDEO: Johanna from Germany, Economics
Johanna studies Economics at Copenhagen Business School. She likes to study at the atmospheric Royal Library where she also meets up with friends for a little "hygge-time" (Danish slang for having a good time)
VIDEO: Wei Han from China, Environmental Science
Wei Han from China studies Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.
VIDEO: Dario from Italy - PhD, Sustainable Energy
Dario is from Italy and works part time at the Technical University of Denmark during his PhD studies in Denmark
VIDEO: Li from China - PhD, Biotechnology
Li Haiying is from China and a PhD student in chemistry and molecular biology at the University of Southern Denmark