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Student life

What can you expect as a student in Denmark?

So you have arrived to Denmark and all the practicalities are in place. What's next?

As an international student in Denmark, it will be really difficult to get bored.

You will be a part of a large community of other international students from all over the world. Also your higher educaion institution and your fellow Danish students, who all speak English, and who will do their upmost to make you feel safe and welcome in Denmark.

No matter what you like to do in your leisure time, we are sure that you should be able to find something of interest besides your studies and classes.

Distances in Denmark are short, so you can combine the vibrant cultural life with coffee bars and music clubs in the cities with the serenity of the Danish nature.

And if you like going to the beach to swim, sunbathe or just chilling, the seaside will never be more than 50 kilometres away.

The Danish student life might be different than what you are used to from your home country.

Many of the Danish higher education institutions have campus areas with cafés, libraries and meeting places and social activities. However, the campus areas may be spread out over the city or organised differently than what you are familiar with.

To learn more about your campus, we advise you to the webpage of your higher education institution.

Student organisations

There are a number of student organisations that operate across all the Danish higher education institutions:

STATION is a 3700m2. former police station, transformed for student- innovation, and engagement. It is located in the Copenhagen area. The purpose of Station is for all students, enrolled at a higher education institution, to connect with each other, and to create a real impact in society through innovation and through collaborations with world-class researchers, the civic, public, and private sectors

Student houses: All the big university cities have a student houses, offering a café/bar/concert venue that host a lot of social and student-related activities. Find the links below:


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