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International students talk about staying in Denmark after graduation.

Name: Jinyuhan Wang (Vera)

Birth year: 1998

Country of origin: China, Nanjing

Based in: Kalundborg

Education: Engineering of Biotechnology

Educational institution: Absalon University College

Profession: Student

Has lived in Denmark since: 2018



How would you describe studying in Denmark in three words?

Substantial’: In Denmark you always have something to do. I have a busy life, but I am happy with it. ‘Efficient’: I and everybody around me, students and teachers, are very efficient. We are doing things fast and with high quality. ‘Hard’: I am a foreigner living here and of course it can be hard. In the beginning, the language caused me problems as well as finding yourself in a new study programme and looking for a job. But now I am dealing with it.


What made you want to study abroad?

I had an ideal of going abroad to study since I was in primary school. I wanted to experience different educational systems and to learn more about the world. I was curious and ambitious and it was also a challenge for the 18 years old me, training to be independent and adaptive. Luckily, my parents encouraged and supported me to study abroad and see the world.


What were the main reasons to choose Denmark as the country to study in?

In China I got to know about education in Denmark and I was attracted to that. Denmark is a safe and peaceful country; it is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. At the same time, Denmark is doing a great job in the technology and development fields, which are my study directions. And in Kalundborg you are surrounded by biotechnology companies; it’s an inspiring environment here.


What are the biggest differences between student life in China and student life in Denmark?

The pace of life in China is very fast, and I rarely had the time to devote myself under the competitive social pressure. But here in Denmark, I can keep an inner peace to learn what I like and to focus on studying and life, which gives me more satisfaction and happiness.


What was the hardest adjustment you made after coming to Denmark?

Language. The first three months I could not follow the teachers in class, and I didn’t really talk to my classmates because of the language barrier. I had been learning English for a few years, but I never used it in daily life before I came to Denmark, so it was hard at the beginning. I used my spare time to catch up and tried to communicate with classmates more. Gradually, English is not a problem anymore. And my Danish is improving.


When did you start planning your future career?

During my studies, since I was getting more aware of what I want to do in my future career with a deeper understanding of engineering and industries.


What are your career goals?

I will stay on track and study for a master’s degree and work as an engineer in the future.


What would make you stay in Denmark when you graduate?

I am getting used to the lifestyle and working environment here, people are friendly and helpful. Furthermore, I really like that Denmark is focusing on the development of biotechnology, which is an important field affecting the future. Also, a good income could be convincing. But of course, it is also tempting to see other places, and I think that my education in engineering of biotechnology would be useful for that.


What advice would you give to another international student who plans on studying and maybe working in Denmark?

In the beginning it might be hard due to the new changes, so prepare yourself with a strong will; everything will get better and better if you make every effort. In the beginning I was quite disappointed with myself because I didn’t understand the language and the teachers, but I became stubborn and continued. I think it’s a period that people have to overcome with themselves.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am not a person who plans things. I hope I will have a satisfying job in the engineering field here or another part of the world and a happy life.

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