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59,000 green Danish jobs in 2014

Being green pays off! New data from Statistics Denmark show that green business is growing. This is not only good news for business, but for the entire society.
It is 900 jobs more than the year before in Denmark, meaning that green jobs amount to 2.8% of total employment in companies. However, growth in employment is not the only good news. Green products and services also contribute to saving resources such as energy and water, as well as potentially protect the environment through treatment or reduction of emissions. In other words, the development benefits the entire society and not just the companies.

28,500 in the industry

The new figures show that the majority of those who produce green goods and services work in the industry. More accurately, the Danish industry employs 28,500 people representing 11% of the total industry employment. However, other sectors also rank well and according to Statistics Denmark, the construction industry and knowledge services employ about 9000, while waste collection and recycling employ 7,500.

The increased employment rate also reflect in the companies' turnover. In 2014, the turnover of Danish companies for goods and services was DKK 174 billion, which is DKK 9 billion more than in 2012. Of this amount, the export of green products and services nearly accounted for DKK 72 billion, which is DKK 6 billion more than the year before.

Director or Environmental Policy at the Confederation of Danish Industry, Karin Klitgaard says:

-It is very positive to see that exports of Danish environmental technologies continue to grow. And innovative Danish companies contribute to solving environmental and resource challenges that exist around the world.

Read more about the statistic here.

By Anne Vestergaard Andersen

Source: Sate of green
Source: Conferation of Danish Industry