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Aarhus University Moves Into Top 100 on the Rankings

The new Times Higher Education World University Rankings puts Aarhus in the top 100 for the first time since the first issue of the rankings in 2010.
Aarhus University now ranks number 98 on the internationally respected Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. According to THE, Aarhus University is now the highest-ranked university in Denmark. 

On last year’s list, Aarhus University ranked number 106 in the world, and since 2010, the university has mostly shown steady upward progress in the rankings.

For the first time this year, THE included research published in book form in their citation averages, in addition to articles. Because the majority of research in the humanities is published in book form, this change means that a larger proportion of the research produced at Aarhus University is now included in the citation analysis. This year’s improved placement for Aarhus University is also due to a higher production of PhDs.

There are numerous university rankings in addition to the THE rankings. THE is unique in measuring research, teaching and knowledge transfer. Typically, universities tend to move up and down the rankings slightly, and Aarhus University is no exception. Among over 17,000 universities in the world, Aarhus University has primarily advanced, and is today ranked in the 100 on a variety of influential rankings along with several other Danish universities.

The international rankings are important in the international competition to attract and retain the best students, researchers and partners.

Facts about Aarhus University’s ranking on the THE World University Rankings, 2010-16 

2010: 167
2011: 125
2012: 116
2013: 138
2014: 153
2015: 106
2016: 98 

By Camila Schrøder