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And the winner of the Top Talent Denmark 2016 contest is…

As a part of the Denmark Days 2016, Top Talent Denmark ran a contest for Brazilian talents to get the opportunity to explore their desired degree in Denmark. To win the contest, the participants had to answer the question: How can a Danish degree make you the professional of the future?

Many creative answers were received, and it was a very difficult decision for the Top Talent committee to choose this year’s winner. Nevertheless, a winner was found.

Congratulations Guilherme Victor Selicani. Guilherme will be contacted by the Top Talent Denmark team with more information about how to reclaim his prize of visiting his dream university, DTU, in Denmark next spring. See his winning answer below:

In days where all the answers can instantly pop in a screen that fits well on the palm of the hands, the professionals of the future are those who know how to formulate the right questions. But how can I become “The Professional of the Future”? At first, it seems difficult to answer which qualities will make professionals successful in their careers; After all, many changes regarding the job market, technology and behavior are expected to happen. Despite of all uncertainties, promoting innovation has been a timeless challenge in human history. We’ll always need bright people capable to find creative solutions for our contemporary problems. 

Denmark leads in technological innovation: With close bonds to relevant companies, Danish universities offer an international environment and are famous for applying an efficient didactic methodology that encourages students to refine their learning faculties while exercising creativity, group work, communication, critical thinking and analytical skills. The opportunity to acquire such a complete education is why a Danish university (DTU) is my first option for obtaining a postgraduate degree. Because those who can innovate, make the future.