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Danish researchers find treatment for multi-resistant bacteria

Danish scientists have developed new medicine that could cure millions of patients worldwide who are infected with previously incurable bacterial infections

After years of research, Danish scientists from University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen have developed medicine that can make multi-resistant bacteria sensitive to antibiotics again. So far the medicine has proven effective in Staphylococci, Tuberculosis and Salmonella.

A revolution

According to the scientists, the new medicine is nothing less than a revolution in the fight against multi-resistant bacteria.

- "When you consider that globally two million people die of Tuberculosis every year, it´s nice to say that there is now a treatment on its way for people who would otherwise die of the disease", says Oliver Hendricks from University of Southern Denmark - one of the researchers behind the discovery.

The new medicine (JEK47) has undergone thorough testing and been approved for treatment in Europe. It is expected to be on the market within two years.

About the research
The Danish research group is part of an international collaboration involving research groups in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, England, Portugal, France, India and Argentina. The effect of JEK47 is confirmed by several other research groups.