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Denmark named Top European Employment Destination for Graduates

According to analysis of employment opportunities and standard of living data, Denmark is the top employment destination for British graduates, .

The Scandinavian country is named top employment destination and came out on top, on account of the high starting salaries, average annual rent costs and a relatively affordable cost of living for graduates.

It was closely followed by Switzerland, Sweden and Germany in joint second, while Norway also made it into the top five.

Out of 19 countries analysed, the UK came 14th; let down by London’s high population density, high crime rates and high cost of living, according to the study.

The research analysed graduate employment opportunities in mainland Europe, looking at the starting salaries of the most popular graduate industry sectors as well as the cost and standard of living in selected European countries.

Countries were selected based on their popularity for UK expats and the strength of graduate salary data.

The 19 countries included: Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Finland, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland and Switzerland.

The study also looked at data from the Economist's Liveability Ranking; the average cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment outside of the city centre; the cost of a pint of beer; the cost of a loaf of bread and the average salaries for the top five most popular graduate industries.

Average annual salary compared with average rent

Comparison of the average annual graduate salary in business services and average annual cost of rent of a one bedroom flat just outside the city centre Credit: TransferWise

onducted by money transfer platform, TransferWise, the research revealed that Scandinavian countries were among the top destinations for UK graduates.

Switzerland and Sweden were beaten to the top spot by Denmark, with both countries falling short because of  their high cost of living. Germany, where living costs are low and salaries are high, joined Switzerland and Sweden in second place.

The Czech Republic, which ranked lowest in the study, was let down by rock bottom salaries and a low livability rating.

The analysis comes just one month before the EU referendum. According to research, young people are more likely to vote to remain in the European Union, but a survey of students by Universities UK found that two thirds were unable to name the date of the vote.

Furthermore,  one in five students were registered to vote solely where they were studying, this is despite the fact that only 56 per cent of those expect to be there on the day of the referendum.

A separate survey found that over 80 per cent of British students  don’t back Brexit and believe the UK should remain a member of the EU, with career opportunities being a key concern.

The study revealed that four out of five students believe leaving the EU will impact their job opportunities.

Nilan Peiris of TransferWise, said:  "It’s not easy for today’s new graduates. Many young people are balancing heavy student loan debts with sky-high rents and stiff competition for the best jobs.

“Denmark’s high starting salaries and low rent prices make it a great option for British graduates looking to launch their career and embark on their next big adventure."

By The Telegraph