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Europe’s Most Advanced Air Lab Opens in Copenhagen

Causing seven million deaths every year, air pollution is the greatest single bringer of untimely demise. The Danish company, Infuser, is now opening what promises to be Europe’s, and possibly the world’s, most advanced laboratories for the analysis of air quality, Infuser Cleanlabs, at the University of Copenhagen.

The Danish air quality company, Infuser, produces advanced air pollution control solutions based on a University of Copenhagen patent.

The company is now opening a highly advanced laboratory for the analysis of air quality.

Collaboration with university researchers

The lab will reside in Universitetsparken in Copenhagen, where the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Chemistry is also located.

As a result, Infuser will maintain close ties with the atmospheric chemists of the research department. Not least the students, who are invited to conduct research projects for their Bachelor projects or Master’s theses – and eventually to apply for jobs at Infuser.

A profitable business

It is far from every day that a start-up company turns out successfully. But Infuser has turned its idea into profitable business.

Since its foundation in 2012, Infuser has provided clean and breathable air for a Danish wastewater treatment plant a crisps producer in Sweden, and an animal feed producer in Denmark faced with the threat of closure by the local environmental authorities. This has assured the company its first profitable quarter in 2016, according to Lars Nannerup, CEO, Infuser.

Source: State of Greeen