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International recognition of Aarhus School of Architecture

As the first in Scandinavia Aarhus School of Architecture Master’s degree programme receives the stamp of approval of the world’s most influential architectural association RIBA.

Aarhus School of Architecture is the first school of architecture in Scandinavia to receive the approval of The Royal Institute of British Architects. Following an evaluation process of almost three years, the RIBA committee has just completed their final visit to the school with the announcement that their Master’s degree programme will be unconditionally validated.

“RIBA is the world’s most recognized association of architects, comprising approximately 45.000 recognized architects from all over the world. Recognition by RIBA is consequently a distinguished stamp of approval for our education – proof that our programme is of high international quality”, says Chris Thurlbourne, proud Head of the Aarhus School of Architecture Master’s Degree Programme.

Rector Torben Nielsen adds: “The RIBA-validation means we are on a par with the world’s best architectural programmes, also our graduates will be able to look for work all over the world. Moreover, it will attract even more talented international students, teachers and researchers who can contribute to giving our school a further boost.”

The specific title of the validation is RIBA

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