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Council wants more people on their bikes

The Copenhagen City Council has set itself a goal: by 2015, half of Copenhageners will ride their bikes to work.

The goal is part of the council’s “Copenhagen – city of bikes” project, which aims to make the city the best in the world for cycling.

Today some 37 percent of city residents ride their bikes to work or school. If you are among that 37 percent, you may also be familiar with the problem of bicycle parking, which of course will be even greater if more people get on their bikes.

The council’s deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, is aware of the problem and is confident that it can be solved.

“Our great success in establishing Copenhagen as a bicycle city presents us with some new challenges,” Kjeldgaard told Berlingske newspaper. “So it is important to invest in infrastructure and parking spaces for all the bikes.”

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Published: 06.04.2011