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The happiest people in the world

According to The World Happiness Report 2015 Denmark is in third place.

The Danes are a happy bunch – we have heard that before, but where does this source of happiness come from and what does that have to do with life as a student? The recent report by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), review the state of happiness in the world today and show how the new science of happiness explains personal and national variations in happiness.

Work-life balance

One answer is the working conditions in Denmark. Right now, studying may take up much of your time but eventually a working career will and this is where life in Denmark becomes even more interesting. Danes are one of the most productive and hardworking workforces in Europe. This is very much owing to the Danish job mentality and work culture where employees experience a high degree of autonomy and empowerment at work, resulting in very responsible, conscientious employees with a high level of job satisfaction.

Danish work environments are rarely based on hierarchies and formalities, and managers are seen more as team leaders than as key decision-makers delegating tasks to others. As a result, employees are encouraged to speak their minds freely and everyone's opinion is given consideration when making decisions. Time to spare and money to spend The Danish working culture is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and work-life balance. In Denmark you can have an interesting job, pursue your career ambitions and for example be an attentive parent - without compromising your salary. You will have time to spare as well as money to spend.

37-hour work week

The working week in Denmark is 37 hours, giving you the freedom to pick up your children from daycare every day. Moreover, employees in Denmark earn the right to five weeks paid holiday after 12 months of employment. The happiest people in the world Not having to worry about spending too little time with your family is one of the main reasons why most expats say that living in Denmark is great. And it plays a great role in why the Danes consider themselves the happiest people in the world.

Happiness at work

The Danes are so happy at work that they even have a special word for it: arbejdsglæde. Arbejde means work and glæde means happiness, so arbejdsglæde is happiness at work.