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World-class PhD opportunities in Denmark

Denmark welcomes international PhD students, either as full-degree students or as visiting students. What they get are world-class degrees

Denmark has one of the world's highest rates of researchers per capita* and ranks among the top-six countries in the world with regard to R&D expenditure. This provides ideal conditions for PhD studies in Denmark. The duration of a Danish PhD programme is usually three years. The components of the programme are:

  • Independent research under supervision
  • Courses for PhD students (approximately 30 ECTS credits)
  • Participation in research networks, including placements at other, primarily foreign, research institutions
  • Teaching or another form of knowledge dissemination, which is related to the PhD topic when possible.
  • The completion of a PhD thesis

PhD programmes are offered at Danish universities, which all offer excellent research, library and laboratory facilities for researchers and PhD students in addition to joint partnerships with industry.

*According to UNESCO, Denmark has one of the world's highest research densities (per 1 million population):

  1. Finland (7,647)
  2. Iceland (7,428)
  3. Denmark (6,390)
  4. Singapore (5,834)
  5. Norway (5,504)
  6. Japan (5,189)
  7. Sweden (5,018)
  8. Republic of Korea (4,947)
  9. Luxembourg (4,825)
  10. United States of America (4,673).

Published: 02.07.2012