Campus Næstved

ZEALAND Campus Næstved is located in the southern part of the island of Zealand, approximately 1 hour by train from down-town Copenhagen.

The campus facilities
Zealand in Næstved is a modern building located by the vibrant life at the docks, which corresponds with the Zealand way of thought, and makes it a part of the developing business life in the city.

The campus facilities offer different student labs, which the students can use for their academic work and own personal projects. At Campus Næstved you can find the Student Hub, which is an information and counselling service for students, run by current students from Zealand.

We encourage students to spend their personal study time at the Student Hub, where there are good opportunities for relevant feedback from other students and for help from the teaching staff.

The study environment
Zealand in Næstved focuses on creating an academically rewarding as well as a safe and supporting extracurricular environment for all our students. We have a strong emphasis on building intercultural competencies in both students and staff, and on mixing international with Danish student activities, whenever possible.

Campus Næstved allocates a lot of resources and attention to catering for our students' needs. We have a modern study environment with stimulating academic learning, and forward-looking teaching methods.

We value a close relationship with the surrounding business life, and many of our teachers have extensive experience from the business sector as well as high academic qualifications.

Zealand in Næstved offers modern facilities to all students such as wireless internet, creative labs, and open learning areas. In addition to this, student life does not end when class is over, and international students are often faced not only with academic challenges, but also with the challenge of living in another country. Like the rest of Zealand, Campus Næstved has an “open door”policy towards our students, and the staff is available around the clock for talks about everything from academic goals to i.e. how to get an appointment with a dentist.

The city of Næstved
Næstved is the fourth largest town in Zealand. It is located only 45 minutes by train from Copenhagen, and its roots run as far back as 400-500 BC. Its location by the water has made the town attractive for trade and commerce dating back as far as the 12th century, hence making Næstved one of the oldest cities in Denmark.

Næstved is viewed as the cultural centre of the Southern Zealand-region with various museums, concert-venues, theatres and exhibitions of all kinds during the year. The city and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of attractions for all ages, such as nature experiences and a large fores, that also host one of Denmark’s most visited amusement parks.  
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