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Jazz/Pop Drum and Dance (Aarhus)

Bachelor of Music (BMus), 180 ECTS
Music and performing arts

Institution The Royal Academy of Music - Aarhus/Aalborg
Campus Aarhus Departement
Duration 3 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 6600 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR
The Academy's jazz/pop programmes are very diverse, and we celebrate and use this diversity. Tuition is offered in all common instruments in jazz/pop music.

In a sense, on the Jazz/Pop Drum and Dance (Aarhus) programme the student study four main instruments: The students own instrument plus singing, dancing, and percussion.

Singing and dancing are integral parts of the programme through the Singing, Dancing and Playing (SDS) subject, no matter what the student’s main instrument is. The programme works within all jazz/pop/global music styles, approaching them from new, creative, playful and artistic angles, and with a willingness to mix established traditions with modern music and dancing. Music from other cultures in general plays a major role on the programme, not least music with strong ties to dancing.

The programme gives the student space for play and for being creative. SDS makes it possible to create a unique space for bodily and creative expression. The student will participate in creating the annual Drum and Dance touring show from the ground up and the student will tour with the show to boarding schools, Danish folk high schools, and so on.  

In addition, the Academy arranges annual study trips to e.g., Africa, Cuba, or Brazil, giving the students an opportunity to get very close to the music traditions of other cultures.

The course subjects are divided into the following fields:
  • Main study area: Subjects where the student is a performer as well as subjects that support this aspect
  • Pedagogics: Subjects where the student communicates and teaches as well as subjects that support this aspect
  • General studies: Elementary support subjects
  • Entrepreneurial Studies: Subjects and projects where students gain experience as entrepreneurs and managers of dynamic processes and acquire career management tools
  • Bachelor project: The programme is concluded with the bachelor project; a specialisation defined by the student based on his or her interests or requirements
This programme is offered at the Aarhus campus.
Visit the programmes website.    

Career Opportunities  
This bachelor program makes the student prepared for a career as a jazz/pop musician/vocalist, teacher and dancer, and an enterprising music industry player, in performance and tuition contexts, both on the student’s main instrument and within the Singing, Dancing and Playing (SDS) area.

To be admitted to this programme, students must take an entrance exam that is described in admission requirements. At the Academy’s homepage the applicant can find detailed information about admission requirements for the bachelor’s, master’s, and soloist programmes as well as examples of entry exams.

The applicant must apply online via, which is the application system for all education institutes under the Ministry of Culture.

At the Academy’s homepage the student can find out more about admission e.g., application deadline, schedule for entry exams, application fee etc.

There is a tuition fee for all full­time degree students with a citizenship from outside of EU/EAA/Switzerland. Students within an exchange programme are not required to pay tuition.    

For Further Information
Information from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located here.

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in Guide to diploma recognition.

About the Educational System in general visit the section The Danish Higher Education System.

Aarhus Departement


The Academy’s department in Aarhus is situated in Concert Hall Aarhus in the center of Aarhus and has a wide range of very modern and inviting teaching and rehearsal rooms and recording studios. 

Concert Hall Aarhus offers a great variety of concerts with national and international artists during the year and also houses Aarhus Symphony and Danish National Opera.

The Academy has access to a variety of concert halls in Concert Hall Aarhus:
Symphonic Hall - with the great symphonic organ (Klais)
Rhytmic Hall - black box with many options
Small Hall - for chamber music, jazz and contemporary music
Chamber Music Hall - for smaller events
Club Scene - for pop, jazz, contemporary and electronic music

The Academy’s building was finished in 2007 and is open for students 24/7.
The Academy’s department in Aarhus offers programmes in both jazz/pop, classical and electronic music.

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