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Mathematical Bioscience

Master (2 years) of mathematics, natural science,,
Interdisciplinary Studies Mathematics, natural- and computer science

Institution Roskilde University (RUC)
Campus Roskilde
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 9000 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR
The programme is intended to give you the necessary biological and mathematical competencies to analyse and represent data, as well as the ability to analyse, develop and implement mathematical models for biological processes and systems in healthcare, disease development and ecology.The programme gives you in-depth knowledge of for example disease spread, including predicting the development of epidemics, cancer treatment and environmental issues, as well as the skills and competencies to mathematise such issues.Graduates from Mathematical Bioscience can find employment in the research sector, where they perform a critical function in connection with, for example, predicting the development of epidemics, optimising medical treatment and modelling the spread of e.g. pollution.The candidates will also be attractive to biotech companies, the health sector and the environmental sector, consulting firms, private and public research institutions, etc.

Your English title will be: Master of Science of Mathematical Bioscience

EU/EEA, Swiss and Danish citizens

Application date
Mar 01
Start date
Sep 01

non-EU/EEA citizen that is required to pay tuition fees

Application date
Jan 15
Start date
Sep 01


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