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Classical Musician - Performer, educator and entrepreneur

Master (2 years) of , 120 ECTS
Music and performing arts

Institution Danish National Academy of Music
Campus Esbjerg
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 8716 EUR
The master’s programme aims to give you specialised knowledge, skills and competences to work as a musician at the highest level.

In addition to its focus on main instrument teaching and chamber music, the master’s programme also focusses on instrumental pedagogy and includes separate courses on didactics, psychology and theoretical pedagogy.

The pedagogical courses also provide teaching in PR and administration, where you will gain basic business qualifications and knowledge of fundraising, press, financial management, VAT/taxes, copyright, agreements and contracts.

The programme for classical musicians in Esbjerg is targeted at students who want a versatile career as a performing musician at the highest level, a teacher and an entrepreneur. 

After graduating from the Academy many trained musicians build a career that consists of a range of elements. Motivated by their passion for music and strong ‘musichood’, they e.g. combine concert activities with teaching at music schools or MGK and work on their own artistic projects.

Regardless of whether you perform, teach or inspire others, your ‘musichood’ is central to your work, and your main instrument or voice is therefore the focal point of the programme. In addition to qualifying teaching in your main instrument, chamber music and ensemble playing are both part of the programme, just as students at the programme participate in projects involving professional ensembles.

Furthermore, the programme includes teaching within a range of subjects that will help you to leave different types of musical imprints on the surrounding world.

You will thus receive both theoretical and practical teaching in pedagogy, entrepreneurship and a series of supporting subjects that enable you to build a career as a performing musician, a teacher at various levels and an entrepreneur who devises, launches and completes artistic projects.

In addition to timetabled classes, the programme may include masterclasses with internationally acknowledged musicians, cross-disciplinary projects, study trips etc.

Graduates from the programme may build a career as professional classical musicians/singers, teachers, communicators or freelance musicians.

Application date
Dec 01
Start date
Aug 16


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