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Contemporary creative artist (CCA)

Advanced Postgraduate Diploma of , 120 ECTS
Music and performing arts

Institution Danish National Academy of Music
Campus Esbjerg
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 6325 EUR
The advanced postgraduate diploma programme focusses on developing soloist competences and stage skills at the highest international artistic level.

This means that the student must honor the demands of all sides of the professional music business.

The development and nurturing of the student's unique talent are the focal points of the programme, which is evident in the planning of the course.

CCA is a flexible soloist programme with an overall artistic/compositional work-creating and work-communicating aim.

The programme has an overall artistic/compositional work-creating and work-communicating aim. The creating/compositional aspect constitutes, as a main subject, a leading element alongside the development of the student’s own instrumental/vocal skills.

CCA is a flexible soloist programme, which aside from being open to all genres also represents an opportunity to work with other musicians as well as individually. The students’ artistic projects may, after admission to the programme, involve other soloist students during the two years of the programme. This includes both the same group of fellow students and other constellations across genres. 

The ambition is thus that the programme contributes to promoting collective and co-creating elements as well as the genre-open approach that characterised the SDMK Esbjerg Campus, which encompasses both classical, rhythmic, electronic, church and folk music.

The programme profile is evident both from the entrance exam and the debut concert, which assign weight to achieving a great artistic/compositional, work-creating and work-communicating result and a high instrumental/vocal level.

Application date
Feb 01
Start date
Aug 16


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