Film Composition

Master (2 years) of , 120 ECTS
Music and performing arts

Institution Danish National Academy of Music
Campus Esbjerg
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 8716 EUR
The master’s programme in film composition represents a unique opportunity to develop the necessary skills to compose and edit music for films, TV and video.

The master’s programme aims to develop the students’ compositional skills and insight, while giving them a deeper understanding of the effect of music considering the emotional and dramatic elements of the visual media for which the music is written.

The combination of musical skills, modern technical competences and dramatic interpretation and understanding will enable you to face the challenges of this exciting and demanding way of using the emotional musical palette og interpretation skills.

Through the programme courses composers, sound directors, film editors and directors from Denmark and abroad develop the students’ artistic and professional competences.

SDMK constantly expands its collaboration with the world’s film industry by engaging leading film professionals to teach at the school as well as by collaborating with the National Film School of Denmark with whom we collaborate closely within all aspects of film production through ongoing projects, exercises and courses.

The primary responsibility for the programme rests with Associate Professor Karsten Fundal, Niklas Schak and Senior Associate Professor Marc Bernstein. In addition, Film Composer Kåre Bjerkø is affiliated with the programme and gueat teachers include Peter Albrechtsen, Jonas Struck, Niklas Schmidt , Flemming Nordkrog, Hans Erik Phillip and Jørgen Lauritsen.

The students may use the academy’s professional sound studio and make recordings in our amazing concert hall, where you may engage your fellow students as studio musicians.

Former graduates currently work in the national and international film music industry on their own projects with e.g. DR and Nordisk Film and as assistants for e.g. Jacob Groth, Frans Bak, Lucio Godoy and Halfdan E.

The main focus of the programme is the production of film and that film composition is a branch of film production and not a self-sustaining area in the traditional musical sense. The subject of composition thus includes a large degree of specialisation. In addition, the students may choose to specialise within areas such as instrumentation and relevant ancillary subjects.

The programme will mainly include courses within the following subject areas:
  • Composition
  • Film analysis
  • Orchestration
  • Computer techniques
  • Dramaturgy
  • Editing techniques
  • Film mix
The programme includes both class and individual teaching. Graduates obtain the title cand.musicae.

Application date
Dec 01
Start date
Aug 16


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