Folk Musician

Bachelor of , 180 ECTS
Music and performing arts

Institution Danish National Academy of Music
Campus Esbjerg
Duration 3 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 11805 EUR
The folk music programme at SDMK is the only one of its kind in Denmark. Rooted in Danish and Nordic music traditions, the programme includes teaching in both traditional and new folk music. It is closely connected to the Danish folk music scene of which our teachers are a vital part.

At the bachelor programme you will acquire the knowledge, skills and competences to work as a musician and entrepreneur in the world of music. The programme aims to develop your unique musical talent and to reach a high level of artistic quality.

The majority of SDMK students eventually become both musicians and teachers, and all bachelor programmes therefore comprise both artistic and pedagogical courses. Add to this general courses that support the students’ artistic and pedagogical development.'

Folk music students at SDMK receive teaching in both main subjects and specialised subjects related to folk music. During the individual teaching the main subject teacher focusses on musical, pedagogical and technical issues.

In addition, a series of general courses will give you a theoretical foundation and help you look at music from different angles than the performing one.

Standing in front of an audience is a main part of the programme, and therefore students of folk music at SDMK are often found performing at cafés, polka raves, concerts and jam sessions. In addition, the students go on an annual tour across the country to present their work at schools, folk high schools and music venues.

The students cooperate on concerts, study trips etc

Application date
Dec 01
Start date
Aug 16


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