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How to apply

Before applying

So you have decided on both your higher education institution and your course? Now it is time to consider all the practicalities, such as the application, the required documents and the application deadline.

First step is to find out if you meet the entry requiremens.

You can apply for admission to Bachelor's, Professional Bachelor's, and Academy Profession programmes if you fulfil three types of requirements:

  • General entry requirements
  • Specific entry requirements
  • Language requirements

General entry requirements

Your qualification must be on a level with a Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate.

For Academy Profession degree programmes (short-cycle professional higher education) it may be sufficient that your certificate is on a level with a relevant Danish vocational qualification.

For certain Profesional Bachelor's programmes a relevant vocational qualification may be sufficient.

Check if your qualification satisfies the general entry requirements here.

Specific entry requirements

Like applicants with Danish qualifications, you must meet the specific entry requirements that apply to the individual study programme.

Specific requirements typically include the level of the subjects passed, marks (grades) obtained in individual subjects and the overall average of marks (grade point average).

You are advised to ask the educational institution where you wish to apply whether you fulfil the specific entry requirements.

Check the specific course requirements on the university’s website.

If you don’t meet the requirements, you may be able to take a supplementary course, which will make you eligible for admission. Please note that these courses are only offered in Danish. 

This course, however, will not increase your GPA score.

Language requirements

Requirements concerning your Danish or English proficiency may apply.

For programmes taught in Danish, you must be able to document sufficient oral and written proficiency in Danish. You must meet such requirements by the beginning of the study programme. Read more about language requirements here.

To see the specific language requirements please visit the institution's website.

The application process

So your qualifications are recognized by the chosen institution and you meet all the requirement? Great! Now you can start the application process.

Our advise is to start early, so you have the time to get all the required documents. 

Applications to undergradute higher education in Denmark are coordinated centrally, but assessed locally at the higher education institutions.

This means that you don't apply directly to any single educational institution, but through the national admission website:

Important things to remember

You can apply for up to 8 programmes at the same time. The Coordinated Admission (KOT) will ensure that you will not receive more than one offer for a study place (if any). The offer will be at the highest possible priority.

For each programme you apply to, you must send a signature page. The signature page will be generated on after finishing the digital application. You have to print it, sign it, and send it to the higher education institution that offers the programme.

The page contains an application ID, which is needed for the institution to find and download your application at

  • If you apply for multiple programmes at the same educational institution, you will need to send multiple signature pages.
  • You must sign the signature page by hand
  • Signature pages must not be uploaded on, but are to be sent separately by mail or email.
  • If you send the signature page by email, you will need to print the signature page, sign it, scan it and attach it in the email
  • You must upload your diplomas and other documentation onto
  • You must research deadlines for uploading documents and documentation requirements on the websites of the institutions.
  • On you can edit and change the order of your priority, delete applications and upload annexes before 5. July 12.00 pm.

Application deadlines

The application deadlines are  15 March 2022, 12 noon (CET) and 5 July, 12 noon (CET). These dates closes at 12 noon (CET).

15 March, 12 noon (CET) for

  • Applicants applying for admission in quota 2
  • Applicants with an international upper secondary education including International Baccalaureate (IB) – irrespective of whether the diploma is from a school in Denmark or outside Denmark
  • Applicants with non-Danish upper secondary education/entry qualifications
  • Applicants for programmes with admission tests
  • Applicants applying before the deadline 15 March, will automatically be considered in quota 1 as well if their grade point average can be converted to the Danish 7-point grading scale. 

5 July, 12 noon (CET) for:

  • Applicants with a Danish upper secondary education applying for admission based on their grade point average only.  

28 July you will receive an answer to your application. If you are not admitted to any of the programmes that you have applied for you will have a possibility to apply for a vacant study programme. You can ask about your possibilities at the education institutions you are interested in or at eVejledning.

Useful links

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