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Denmark 1st in entrepreneurship and opportunity

Upon completing your studies in Denmark you can stay and look for a job knowing that Denmark is a great place to establish your own business

The Legatum Institute 2011 Prosperity Index ranks Denmark as the country with the world's strongest entrepreneurial climate in terms of citizens' opportunity to realise new ideas and influence their lives, incomes and well being.

The Entrepreneurship & Opportunity index measures countries’ performance in three areas:

  1. Entrepreneurial environment
  2. Innovative activity
  3. Access to opportunity

Opportunity index 2012
Update: the 2012 Prosperity Index

According to the Legatum Institute, a strong entrepreneurial climate is one in which citizens can pursue new ideas and opportunities for improving their lives, leading to higher levels of income and well-being. When the likelihood that entrepreneurial activity will pay off and individuals experience the satisfaction from this, a society’s overall prosperity increases overall.

About The Legatum Institute
The Legatum Institute is an independent policy, advisory and advocacy organisation. The Institute researches and promotes the principles that drive the creation of global prosperity and the expansion of human liberty. Source: Wikipidia