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New wind tunnel to boost Danish wind energy research

A new national wind tunnel will add further power to Denmark's position as a world leader in energy education and research

Following an invitation from the Danish education ministry, Denmark's Technical University (DTU) has put forward a proposal for a new national wind tunnel that will add further power to Denmark’s leadership in wind technology

- We are exceptionally pleased that DTU will be responsible for the creation of a national wind tunnel and in this way support the further development of Denmark as a powerhouse for research and education in sustainable energy technologies, says Rector of DTU, Anders Bjarklev.

A boost to leading Danish wind energy research

The new wind tunnel will contribute to the development of a next generation wind turbines and give Danish research institutions and companies access to the most advanced testing facilities.

- It's very exciting that Denmark will now be getting a big national wind tunnel which will strengthen research and innovation in wind power significantly. It will further emphasise Denmark’s position as a world leader in wind technology, says CEO of Danish Wind Industry Association, Jan Hylleberg.

Ambitious goals for sustainable energy in Denmark

Over the past five years the Danish government has invested approximately 110 million euros into Danish research infrastructure of which a national wind tunnel is the most recent.

- The Danish government has set very ambitious goals for sustainable energy in Denmark. This requires new knowledge and investments that can support sustainable growth. And in this regard, the new wind tunnel makes an important contribution, says Education Minister Morten Østergaard.

Through investment in education and research, Denmark aims to:
Cut 40% of CO2 by 2020
Get 50% of electricity from wind in 2020
Get 100% of electricity from renewables in 2035
Get 100% energy supply from renewables in 2050
Achieve 100% sustainable transportation by 2050

About the national wind tunnel project
The Wind Tunnel will be owned by the Danish Technical University while the operation and development will be undertaken in cooperation with future private and public users of the tunnel. The total budget is 10 million euros of which half is financed by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education (the Danish Education Ministry). The Technical University of Denmark has invested 2.7 million euros in the project, while Region Zealand has invested 1.9 million euros. Read more (in Danish only)