Master (2 years) of Science in Neuroscience, 120 ECTS
Health care, social services, and care services Interdisciplinary Studies Mathematics, natural- and computer science

Institution University of Copenhagen (UCPH)
Campus North Campus
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 8400 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR


The MSc in Neuroscience is a theoretical and experimental Master of Science programme within the natural and health sciences concerned with basic neuroscience, translational neuroscience, and experimental clinical neuroscience. It qualifies you as an experienced neuroscientist with strong knowledge of the cells of the brain, their circuits, and higher brain functions, as well as the methods used to unravel this knowledge.

Through lectures, journal clubs, hands-on lab sessions, and a 1-year master’s thesis, you will for example learn about cell excitability, synaptic transmission, locomotion and sensation, and the vasculation of the brain. You will also gain knowledge in higher brain functions such as affection and memory, and you will work in neurogenetics and imaging. You will be challenged to find new applications in the field of neuroscience in both health and disease.

Career opportunities

With an MSc degree in Neuroscience you have a wide range of career opportunities. You are qualified to continue your academic studies as a PhD student at world-leading universities, or you can find work mostly within the medicotechnical and pharmaceutical industries, at hospitals, within research or education.

Admission requirements

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a bachelor’s programme, you are eligible to apply for admission to the master’s degree programme in Neuroscience. You must have earned your Bachelor’s degree within a maximum of 5 years prior to the start of the first semester of the Master’s programme. (In exceptional circumstances the admissions committee may waive the graduation year requirements).

Bachelor’s degrees that grant directly qualification
If you hold one of the degrees listed below from a Danish University, you are considered to meet all academic admission requirements and have direct access to apply to the master’s degree programme in Neuroscience:
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology-Biotechnology
  • Biomedicine
  • Medicine
  • Medicinal Biology
  • Molecular Biomedicine
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Veterinary Medicine
Other relevant Bachelor's Degrees
If you hold one of the bachelor’s degrees listed below, you are qualified for admission if you fulfil specific course requirements:
  • Medicine with Industrial Specialisation
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
You must have passed 30 ECTS within 3 of the following 4 fields:
  • Cell biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Molecular biology
If you hold a Bachelor’s degree within the field of health sciences and natural sciences other than the above mentioned from a university in Denmark or abroad, you may be admitted if it is the assessment of the admissions committee that your Bachelor programme is equivalent in scope and content to one of the Bachelor programmes listed above.

Language requirements

You are required to document proficiency in English according to your background; see the language requirements


There is a tuition fee for all full-time degree students who hold a citizenship from outside EU/EEA/Switzerland. Students within an exchange programme are not required to pay tuition.

Further Information

Read more about the MSc programme in Neuroscience and student life at University of Copenhagen

Information from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located at

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in 
Guide to diploma recognition

About the Educational System in general visit the section 
The Danish Higher Education System

EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens

Application date
Mar 01
Start date
Sep 01

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens

Application date
Jan 15
Start date
Sep 01

North Campus


North Campus

With the Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) as the next door neighbour, the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are very well placed in the North Campus. North Campus is an ideal setting for interdisciplinary reseach fields. Massive investments in research infrastructure, including the construction of the Niels Bohr Building and the Maersk Building,  are currently being made to develop the area around the North Campus into Copenhagen Science City. North Campus is very centrally located and transport links are excellent. Many students and teacher  also use their bike, and biking in Copenhagen is easy and convenient.
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